ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon

Race day information


In line with government directives, the ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon is aligning its precautionary measures across the event venue to ensure the health and wellbeing of visitors. Checks will be completed to access the start areas. Please check the below list before race week

  • Vaccination: All participants over 16 years old must be fully vaccinated at least 28 days prior to the event.

  • PCR: A negative test result shown on your Al Hosn App for all participants aged 6-70 years within 96 hours of your race time.

  • Temperature checks: Allow extra time for temp and health checks upon arrival. Anyone with a temp above 37.3 C will not be permitted entry.

  • Face masks: All runners must wear their masks for the first 500m of the run. Masks will be handed out at the finish line and must be worn at all times. All spectators must wear masks at all times.

  • Wristband: Visit a wristband checkpoint. Have your PCR test verified at one of our checkpoints and you will be given a wristband which you must wear on race day at all times until you leave the event.


Friday 26th November

3:00 AM

Parking opens

4:00 AM

Bag drop opens for marathon and 10 KM runners only

5:45 AM

ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon Race Starts

6:00 AM

Race Village opens

6:30 AM

10 KM Race Starts

7:48 AM

First Elite Males Expected

8:05 AM

First Elite Women Expected


Elite Athletes Awards Ceremony


5 KM Race Starts


2.5 KM Fun Run Starts


ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon Cut Off Time


Abu Dhabi

Friday 26th November


6:00 AM

WHERE TO Watch the race

Abu Dhabi Sports
Abu Dhabi Corniche

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  • All participants will be given a race bib number. To access the start area, you must show your bib number which displays the allocated start area on the front. Supporters and spectators will not be allowed into the starting areas.

  • The race bib is strictly personal and cannot be altered in any way (cut, folded, etc.). If you transfer your race bib to another person, you will both be disqualified, and your time not registered.

  • The race bib must be applied visibly onto the front of the running shirt (using the pins provided).

  • As each wave ahead of you starts, you will move forward towards the start line. Your timing chip will not start until you cross the start line.


Please remember to wear your mask at all times at the start and for the first 500m of the race.

The start line for the marathon and marathon relay is on the Corniche Road in front of ADNOC HQ Tower.

All runners have been assigned a starting corral to prevent crowding at the start. Your bib will show your allocated starting corral and the QR code on the bib will provide instructions on how to reach the starting point.

The finish line for the marathon and marathon relay will be inside the ADNOC HQ Tower South Plaza.


Marathon Relay Runners

Relay teams are made up of 2 runners.

  • Runner 1 will complete 22KM and will start from the main start line with all other marathon distance runners.

  • Runner 2 will complete 20KM and will start from the 22 KM mark on King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St which is a 5 -10 minute walk from the village and finish line.

It is your responsibility to be at these points on time.

Each relay team will receive 3 bibs in total along with a race belt to carry the unique bib with the timing chip.

2 bibs will show the team name and whether you are runner 1 or runner 2. This bib can be placed on your front or back and is used only to identify you as a relay participant.

1 team bib holds your team name and a timing chip. This bib should be used with the race belt as you will need to pass it between each runner at the changeover point.
At the changeover point, runner 1 will pass their TEAM bib and race belt to runner 2. This bib holds your timing chip and needs to be used by both runners in your team in order to get a finish time. You will be disqualified if you do not complete the race with a timing chip covering the whole route.

Runner 1 will be awarded their medal at the 22KM changeover point and runner 2 will be awarded their medal at the finish line.

Relay Runner 1 and 2 bib example

Team bib with timing chip example

10KM, 5KM and 2.5KM Start

The start line for all other distances is on Al Marsa Street to the side of ADNOC HQ Tower. All runners have been assigned a starting area to prevent crowding before the races. Your bib is colour coded to show your allocated starting area and the QR code on the bib will provide instructions on how to reach the starting point.

The finish line for these races is on Al Marsa Street.

10km bib example

2.5KM and 5KM and bib example


  • A bag drop facility will be provided for those participating in the full marathon, marathon relay and 10km distances.

  • You can only use the official race bag that was given to you by the organizers at the Marathon Village with your bib number and Nike T-Shirt.

  • The bag must be marked using the tag provided matching your bib number. When you collect your bag, you will be asked to show your bib.

  • Clothes and personal items should be placed loose inside the bag, to facilitate security checks.

  • Do not leave valuables in the bag! The organizers, any partners or sponsors will not be held liable for any theft or loss of belongings


This is a loop route, with the start line on the Abu Dhabi Corniche and the finish line on within the ADNOC HQ Tower South Plaza.
The elevation gain is less than 125 meters; with the majority of the course on road surface.

The course has been measured and approved at national and international level. Every kilometer is marked with appropriate signage at the side of the road. All turnaround points are also marked.

We remind you that the trajectory used for the measurement corresponds to the minimum distance travelled. It is virtually impossible that you can follow the same trajectory in the race, therefore it is normal that your GPS watch records a distance travelled superior to 42.195 km even by several hundred meters.


Your timing chip is on your race bib. You must wear the bib throughout the race, until you cross the finish line.

Each athlete will be timed at the start, at the finish and at each 5km point between.

For each athlete will be calculated: the official time (“gun time”: from the starter’s gunshot until the finish line), the net time (from the moment you pass under the start gate until the finish line), and intermediate times as indicated above.


After crossing the finish line, athletes will find:

  • Finisher’s medal

  • Refreshment stations – water, Pocari Sweat and fruit

  • Bag collection


Final results will be available on the website:

After the race, directly from the same website, you will be able to download your participation certificate as a PDF document


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