Q&A with Team Angel Wolf - A Race Of Inclusion

Q&A with Team Angel Wolf – A Race Of Inclusion

The ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon encourages People of Determination to participate, supporting the powerful message of inclusion in the UAE. We recently caught up with Team Angel Wolf to talk about their 2019 marathon experience and aspirations.

Q. Can you explain why you entered the ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon and your purpose for running.

A. We are always looking for opportunities to participate in events in Abu Dhabi and the ADNOC Abu Dhabi marathon was an event we were looking forward to. Our goal was to further spread our mission messages of #TeamAngelWolf and for my son Rio and other People of Determination to be ‘included’ in the race.

#TeamAngelWolf is a Non-Profit Foundation (registered with the Dubai Community Development Authority). It has been promoting the values of inclusivity and the goals of the foundation are to spread awareness, inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in the community; inspire the community to embrace their own health and fitness; encourage teamwork/family; and prove that ‘anything is possible’.  These goals are achieved through participation in sporting events such as running, swimming, cycling, obstacle course races, stair climbs and triathlons as well as by participating in inclusive community activities and delivering inspirational talks at schools and within the private sector.

Q. What was Team Angel Wolf’s ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon goal?

A. Our goal for the ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon was to run the race as an ‘Inclusive Pack’, taking three of our #TeamAngelWolf disability running chairs with us, so that three People of Determination could join us. We had a #TeamAngelWolf Pack of six; consisting of three riders (People of Determination using our disability running chairs) and three pushers (runners). We ran the whole 42kms as one pack; each had their role, but it was real teamwork that ensured we crossed the finish line together.

Q. Who raced with you and how was the support on the course?

A. The #TeamAngelWolf Pack included:

Nick Watson pushing Rio Watson
Ala’a Faris pushing Liam Moffett
Alexander Sokolov pushing Ciara Moffett

We had Delphine (Rio’s mum), Tia (Rio’s sister) and Kellaigh (Ciara & Liam’s mum) as our support team for the race, which was hugely appreciated and needed! We were also very grateful to the event organisers for all the support they gave us and making sure it was feasible for us to participate in the race. They accommodated all our additional needs with equipment and disability requirements, which was a huge help. We were also very grateful for all the motivational support we received from other runners and spectators; it was overwhelming and helped us greatly!

Q. What was the highlight of the race for Team Angel Wolf?

A. Apart from the whole experience and crossing the finish line ‘together’, which was very emotional, it had to be the memory of Aref Al Awani, the General Secretary of Abu Dhabi Sports Councilgreeting us at the finish line and giving the whole Pack their medals. We are very honoured.

Q. Describe your ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon experience in 3 words?

A. Best Marathon So Far (sorry 4 words!)

Q. What did you enjoy most about the ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon route?

A. It was a great route course, but our best part of the race was starting the 42km marathon race at the same time and alongside the 10km race participants … it was an incredible energy experience to start the race together amongst thousands and thousands of athletes; it was an amazing atmosphere!

Q. Will we see Team Angel Wolf in 2020?A. We hope so… with a bigger #TeamAngelWolf Pack participating!

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